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                                                                MEMBER                NON MEMBER                                                

ADULT                                                      $460                              $578     ​                                                        

JUNIOR                                                    $263                              $326  

SENIOR                                                    $334                              $420                           

FAMILY                                                    $1256                            $1536

STUDENT                                                $334                              $420  (Student must have evidence of attendance at a post                                                                                                                                 seconday school )

CART STORAGE FEE                           $105                              $130

                                                                         GST NOT INCLUDED

3. Greens Feesa. Reduced greens fees if purchasing a season’s pass.i. Payback vs. 20 round punch pass for a full round of 18 is achieved after only 23hole rounds.  In other words, if you expect to golf more than 23 full rounds per year, you are better off to purchase the season’s pass.ii. Payback vs. non-member’s season pass is less than 1.5 years.

4. Pro-shop, Equipment Rental and Guests Discounta. 15% off on purchases of $50.00 or more.b. 15% off on any club or power cart rental for a member and one guest.c. 15% off on daily greens fees for up to three out of town guests per booking.

1. Involvement & Support. As a lifetime Member you will have input into how the Club is managed and improved.

2. Club Facilities​. Preferential power cart storage and discounted fees ($105 or 25% off regular fee of $130.b. Use of club facilities for weddings, reunions, etc at discounted rates.